Photo-Sonics signs agreement with Vision Research

31st May 2024:

Phantom C321 Air High-Speed Camera

Phantom C321 Air High-Speed Camera

Photo-Sonics International Ltd, a leading provider of specialist instrumentation solutions, is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive agreement with Vision Research, a renowned manufacturer of high-speed digital imaging systems. This partnership grants Photo-Sonics International Ltd the rights to distribute the cutting-edge Phantom C321 Air high-speed camera to flight test applications across the United Kingdom.

The Phantom C321 Air, one of the latest innovations from Vision Research, is designed specifically for airborne applications requiring high-speed imaging. Capable of capturing stunningly clear footage at an impressive frame rate of up to 94,000 frames per second at reduced resolutions, the Phantom C321 Air sets a new standard in the high-speed imaging market whilst designed to meet the strict  MIL-STD 810H, 704 and 461 standards.

“We are thrilled to partner with Vision Research to bring the Phantom C321 Air to the UK flight test market,” said Simon Harris, Managing Director of Photo-Sonics International Ltd. “This agreement underscores our commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced instrumentation for flight testing applications. The Phantom C321 Air’s unparalleled capabilities will undoubtedly meet the high-speed imaging needs of this community.”

The Phantom C321 Air boasts a number of advanced features, including:

  • Frame Rates/Resolution: Full HD images at 1,000fps provide excellent spatial and temporal resolution of the test event.

  • Recording:  Direct recording to removable media for simplified post-processing of captured imagery and reduced camera downtime.

  • Synchronisation:  Accurate time and frame synchronisation using external timing inputs such as IRIG-B

  • Robust Design: Engineered to withstand demanding airborne environments, MIL-STD 810H, 704, and 461 test standards.

For more information about the Phantom C321 Air and other flight test instrumentation solutions, click here.


About Vision Research

Vision Research designs and manufactures high-speed digital imaging systems for a wide range of applications. Known for their Phantom cameras, Vision Research products are used worldwide in industries including automotive, aerospace, research, and entertainment. Vision Research is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in high-speed imaging.