Video Splitters

Eon Instrumentation produce a wide range of video splitters in different configurations, we only include only a few of the most popular on our website. So if you don't see what you are looking for, please ask.

All video products are military qualified to MIL STD 810/461/704/1275/901D; DO160; and other applicable specifications. Standard power input is 28 VDC (18-36) but other power inputs can be provided. Standard connector types / impedance can be easily modified, indeed new products can be quickly designed or derived from standard products.

ADV-300 Compact Series of Video Amplifiers / Splitters

ADV-301-Compact Series

The ADV-301-Compact Series comprises of eight rugged Video Amplifier / Splitters covering a range of signal input types, connector types, and quantity of inputs and outputs.

ADV-301-1340 Video Splitter


A single flightworthy rackmount unit containing forty 1-in, 3-out analogue video cards.