Safran Data Systems exhibit new BSS feature at ITC 2023

14th November 2023:

Safran Data Systems exhibited new BSS feature at ITC 2023

Safran Data Systems exhibited new BSS feature at ITC 2023

The International Telemetry Conference (ITC) in Vegas this year proved to be a great event. For those of you who missed it, Safran Data Systems exhibited an exciting new feature for the benefit of their existing BSS Best Source Selector customers.

The new Data Quality Access option enhances the quality of your telemetry data. It does this by extending the selection criteria when used with older generations of the RTR Radio Telemetry Receiver that were unable to encapsulate Data Quality Metrics (DQM) into the telemetry stream. 

Furthermore, it is not necessary to return the BSS to the factory. Those users of the RTR XL or RTR eX models, i.e. those that do not support DQE / DQM, can purchase and install the new feature in their Best Source Selector via a software and licence update.

For further information about compatibility of the Data Quality Access option with your BSS and RTR, those in the United Kingdom should contact us, Photo-Sonics International Ltd.. Those elsewhere should contact their local Safran Data Systems partner.

For further information about the Best Source Selector visit our product page.


DQM as defined in IRIG 106-17 Chapter 2, appendix G. Data Quality Metrics is a numeric value mapping the estimated Bit Error Performance (BEP).

DQE is also defined in IRIG 106-17 Chapter 2 appendix G. It describes the Data Quality Encapsulation format to be used by compliant receivers to transport DQM information with in the telemetry stream.