TrackEye News July 2023

3rd July 2023:

Outlier Removal / Filter Node:

In the latest version of TrackEye software (i2023), Image Systems are introducing an exciting new feature: the Filter Node. This powerful tool is specifically designed to eliminate outliers from your data. By leveraging advanced statistical techniques, the Filter Node delivers exceptional performance, particularly when applied to raw data.

Coded Markers:

Image Systems introduces Coded Marker, a new feature utilizing a quadrant symmetry tracker and unique ID encoding ranging from ID 1 to 136. Verifying the ID for each position prevents point swapping and mis-tracking as markers enter or exit the field of view. Combined with sleeping / disabling functions, this enables nearly fully automated tracking.

How can it improve your workflow?

• Placing points on a target model in 3D / 6D
• Generating a 2D / 3D target in Static3D
• Calculating the orientation of cameras in a 3D test
• Tracking repetitive tests in templates

Coded Markers

Coded Markers

Image Enhancement:

Experience in i2023 the enhanced LUT editor interface, packed with a wide range of new image enhancement tools.
• Direct Contract / Brightness Sliders
• Sharpening and smoothing filters
• Image Processing nodes available to advanced image processing tools such as Background Mask.

Image Enhancements

Image Enhancements


• Target model .trg files can now contain column definition header.
• Exported Camera Parameter files from Absolute Orientation, Wand Calibration, and Stereo Calibration, can now be read into camera sensors.
• New sturdier Calibration board with non-reflecting finish (comparision with older one under strong direct illumination).
• Plus 32 bug fixes and more stability

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