TEMA Pro Digital Image Correlation

Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

When designing any mechanical system, knowledge of the properties of the used material is crucial. To gain such knowledge, accurate measurements of the material’s strain and deformation can be done. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is an optical, non-contact, full-field-deformation analysis method, based on monochromatic digital images, which can determine strain and deformation of an object under load.

With TEMA DIC it is possible to accurately measure full strain fields and extensometer strains over a complete surface. This allows for non-contact measurements of strain, allowing analysis of the material properties, without affecting the result through contact. TEMA DIC comes as a tracker option to TEMA.

TEMA DIC System allows surface deformation and strain analyses in full field by tracking the movement and deformation of a speckle pattern painted on the object of interest. A set of specific DIC tools is part of this package such as inspection lines, virtual extensometers and local points of interest to provide even more statistics on the surface. Ideal for fatigue testing, material characterization or to understand the behaviour of a structure under constrains, this non contact technique can be combined with strain gauges for even further accuracy.

DIC Embedded & Elite:

TEMA DIC and TEMA DIC System comes in a 2D and a Stereo version. The Stereo version has 2 cameras and is capable of measuring surface strain & deformation. Image Systems has gathered the feedback, advice and requirements of mechanical engineers as well as industrials from the automotive, military and aeronautical to develop two accurate and high quality turnkey stereo systems.

DIC Embedded System

DIC Embedded System

  • Robust design, easy setup.
  • Fixed stereo FOV with high resolution.
  • Low-medium frame rate available.
  • Calibrated lenses, low distortion.
  • Continuous lighting.
  • Compatible with DAQ systems.
  • Real-time (<20 fps) measurement.
  • Ideal for tensile and compression testing.
DIC Elite System

DIC Elite System

  • Flexible design, smart alignment tool ensures easy.
  • setup and quality results.
  • Customized positioning with various resolutions.
  • Industrial, high-speed (streaming) cameras supported.
  • Interchangeable lenses, flexible FOV.
  • Customizable lighting.
  • Compatible with DAQ systems.
  • Real-time (<20 fps) measurement.

Video Gallery:

The following you tube link show a few examples of the TEMA Pro Digital Image Correlation algorithm being used for typical user applications

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