TrackEye Motion Analysis

Image Systems Trackeye 6 DoF Software

Trackeye covers the entire process from digitizing images (film or video) through automatic tracking and advanced motion analysis to a complete predefined report. The implemented functionality handles tracking in several levels, from 2D, 3D and 6D to the most sophisticated range motion analysis tracking requirements.

It is the world-leading system for advanced motion analysis on military test ranges and commonly used for stores release.

Key Features:

Synchronized – The User Interface is “fully synchronized”: any change of parameters or set-up will directly effect all parts of the tracking session, updating results, graphs and tables.

Import of Data – External data from GPS, Radar, tracking mount pointing angles and other instrumentation data can easily be imported and synchronised with the image data.

Camera Control – The compatible TEMA camera control software can provide multi-make, multi-brand camera control, loading images directly into TrackEye for analysis.

Decoded Information – The TrackEye system automatically decodes any image embedded information and makes it available for the analysis. Some examples of supported codes are: Video Left Edge Code, FDRS, analogue scales from Contraves C and D, Dot Matrixes, OCR, IRIG-B and many more.

Tracking – Different objects or environments require different tracking methods. TrackEye has a large number of different tracking algorithms available for different applications. Some examples are: Correlation, Circular, CoG, Quad and Outline.

Analysis – The TrackEye system includes a large set of predefined analysis functions. The functions operate on image data, imported data and results from prior calculations. Arithmetic functions, filters, speed, acceleration and coordinate transformations are just some of the available functions.

Result Presentation – A major advantage with the TrackEye system is the capability to present data and results in customised graphs, tables and sessions summaries. It is easy to add comments, custom graphics and to customise the appearance of a certain view.

Options – There is a large set of different options available for TrackEye. A subset of these are: TrackEye 3D, Trackeye 6DoF, Lens Calibration, Tracking Mount Calibration/Correction, Refraction, TrackEye Viewer and many others. User defined functionality can be implemented using the SDK option. The SDK is available at two levels: as a C++ API in the SDK Full version or as a sub set of macro functions in the SDK Lite version.

Powerful – Handles and analyzes at rapid speed large quantities of data from high speed cameras and other sensors. The operator can choose between a large number of tracking algorithms and track unlimited number of points throughout the image sequences.

Total Solution – TrackEye handles all steps in the process. No problem with compatibility, interface or data transfer between different software platforms.

Video Gallery

An example of Trackeye being used for 6DOF stores release analysis

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