6041K Kronos HD Video Inserter

6041K Kronos HD Video Inserter


The Kronos HD is a single purpose device which will embed a microsecond timestamp on each vertical sync event of a SMPTE, 292M or 424M SDI video stream. Microsecond time is accurate to 1±1 µsec when locked to the internal 12-channel GPS receiver. Accuracy is 3±2 µsec when locked to external IRIG B. Time stamps will be inserted on VANC line 9 (Microsecond Timestamp) and VANC line 21(SMPTE). If a timestamp is present in the incoming video, that timestamp will not be overwritten by the Kronos HD.

When a valid 4:2:2 encoded SDI video stream is connected to the encoder, it will decode and automatically detect 720p (SMPTE 296M) or 1080i or 1080p (SMPTE 274M) video formats at 23.97, 24, 25, 29.97, 50(3G), 59.94(3G) and 60(3G) Hz frame rates. The Kronos HD will begin forming and inserting KLV packets immediately after synchronizing with the SDI stream without any operator intervention. A sealed push-button may be used to cause the time to be optionally overlaid on the video frame in yellow, black, white or red in one of the four corners of the frame. The button also provides the ability to set the current year when IRIG B122 is the only input format available.

General Features:

  • 1-channel plug and play metadata HD-SDI video timestamper.

  • Syncrhonize time to the internal 12-channel GPS receiver, or external IRIG B time reference.

  • Embed a SMPTE/MISB compliant Microsecond Timestamp (KLV metadata packet) into each incoming video frame (Accuracy of 1 microseconds).

  • Timestamps may be overlaid in 1 of 4 colors in any of the four corners of the video frame with a simple pushbutton control.

  • Total processing latency is less than 2 microseconds

  • Set and forget, plug and play.

  • Small, rugged, weather tolerant, cost effective device.

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