6115G-3E Janus Time Code Generator

6115G-3E Janus Time Code Generator


The Janus Time Code Generator (JTCG), when synchronized to the internal GPS or and external 1PPS, may be set to perform as a local PTP Master Clock in accordance with IEEE standard 1588 V2 default profile. In Master Clock mode the JTCG can synchronize up to 10 devices on its network. While acting as a Master Clock or when the JTCG time master is synchronized to an external PTP master or boundary clock, an external IRIG B (AM or DCLS), 1PPS or is a client of an NTP server the JTCG is synchronized IRIG B time code generator. The JTCG provides six (6) channels of IRIG B output that may be user programmed to be either IRIG B127 (AM) or IRIG B007 (DCLS). In addition, the JTCG provides a clock output that may be programmed from 1PPS to 10 MHZ synchronized and phase locked to the internal time master. The DCLS and clock outputs may be individually programmed to be normal or inverted. Each output is individually buffered, and short circuit protected. Synchronization to PTP as a slave or NTP as a client is achieved through the 10/100/1000 Ethernet port as is operation as PTP master clock.

The internal OXCO oscillator is disciplined while locked to IRIG B, 1PPs, PTP, NTP or GPS offering
Much of the setup of the JTCG” can be accomplished from the front panel button array or fully over Ethernet using an integral webserver.

A time zone offset can be entered that offsets IRIG B output, when synchronized to PTP, GPS or NTP. The webserver may be set to show UTC or local time (with time code offset).

An internal time of day clock (TOD) will maintain year, days, hours, minutes, and seconds during power down periods.

The Janus Time Code Generate is packaged in a 1U 19” rack mount chassis is 4.5 pounds and consumes less than 10 watts of 115/240 VAC 50/60 Hz power.

General Features:

  • PTP, NTP or GPS synchronized IRIG B time code generator.
  • PTP master clock when syncrhonized to GPS, 1PPS or , IRIG B00x/IRIG B12x.
  • Accurate to less than 50 nS to the selected time reference.
  • Functions as PTP Ordinary Clock in multiple master clock network.
  • Any of the six output channels may be set to output an IRIG B127 or B007 (DCLS) signal.
  • Includes a OXCO that delivers unlocked drift to less than 36 microseconds/hour.
  • A clock output is programmable in decade steps from 1 HZ to 10 MHz.
  • Includes a built in webserver for remote setup and monitor status remote setup.
  • Comprehensive front panel menu (LCD) permits local set up.
  • A full ASCII command set can be used to integrated with user created software.

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