Kappa Optronics Space Eye SE-320

Emhiser Transmitter


The Space Eye 320 has been designed for use on research rockets, launch vehicles, carrier rockets and satellites. It is being used on sounding rockets, integrated into the rocket's outer hull where it monitors the engine. Compressed data is being transmitted live in Full HD and at high data rates to the ground station.

Cameras operating in space are exposed to especially tough conditions; mechanical stress including shock and vibration, extreme temperature range, and requirements to operate in a vacuum.  The SE-320 has been designed and tested to operate within all these parameters.

The SE-320 generates H.264-compressed video streams directly and does not require an additional encoder. A H.264 high quality / high resolution stream with a high data rate and a H. 264 standard stream with a lower data rate / bandwidth are available on the duel stream. 

Key Functional Specifications:

  • Certification - RoHS, RTCA, DO-160, NSRP qualified program: NASA Sounding Rocket Operations
  • Components SE 320 - CSU (Camera Sensor Unit), CEU (Camera Electronic Unit), CPE (Camera Power Extension, optional),smart wire (optional), heater (optional) Sensor. Exchangeable heads
  • CSU Sensor - IMX252 (Sony) Type
  • CMOS Shutter - global Colour RGB
  • Optical format - 1/1.8” Number of pixels (H xV) 2048 x 1536 pixels Pixel size (H x V) 3.45 μm x 3.45 μm Image size (H x V) Full HD1080p: 6.62 mm x 3.73 mm; diagonal 7.6 mm (1/2.35")
  • Interface - Data interface Gigabit Ethernet (GigEVision 2.0) Control interface GenICam, XML File.
  • Memory - internal SD-Card for loop recording
  • Video stream - RTP/RTSP unicast/multicast, GVSP unicast/multicast
  • Trigger - external hardware trigger, software trigger
  • Compression - H.264, 1-16 Mbit/s, dual compression, High Profile (Level 5)
  • Time synchronization - PTPV2 (IEEE1588)
  • Image resolution - up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD1080p)
  • Frame rate - adjustable from 1 fps to 30 fps
  • Latency - < 150 ms @ 60 fps
  • Software - SDK X, KCC X, IP Configurator, Software Update tool.

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