COMTRACK Tracking Telemetry Antenna

Comtrack auto tracking phase array antenna


COMTRACK is an S- or L- or C-band auto tracking phase array antenna designed for telemetry applications. Ideal for aircraft and helicopter flight tests, UAV datalink and surveillance solutions on both fixed and mobile stations. Its lightweight, compact and easy installation makes the COMTRACK the ideal solution for fast deployable transportable stations in the field.

In addition to standard Autotrack and Scan modes, the Antenna Control Unit (ACU) embeds an innovative GPS tracking mode based on the airframe position sent through the TM link to steer the antenna.

The ultra-low noise RF head provides an outstanding G/T performance whilst its design allows the COMTRACK to perform high speed and accurate tracking. The smart commutation to an acquisition or omnidirectional antenna insures continuous reception and/or tracking during the zenithal pass. Thus, the overall COMTRACK performance is equivalent to a conventional 1.5 m 2-axis tracking antenna.

The radome provides environmental protection ensuring the COMTRACK is maintenance - free.

Key Functional Specifications:

  • Available in L- or S- or C-band
  • Long range high gain directional antenna
  • Short range acquisition or omni-directional antenna
  • Elevation tilt angle adjustable
  • Intuitive ACU (touchscreen, thumb wheel)
  • ACU modes : scan, autotrack, slave, sector
  • Automatic acquisition of the carrier
  • Smart switching between directional and omni-directional antennas
  • Fast and accurate unlimited Az tracking
  • Radome protected
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Transport case
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Compatible with several tracking & receivers
  • Airframe GPS automatic tracking

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