GMDR Ground-Based Modular Data Recorder

GMDR Ground-Based Modular Data Recorder


Highly flexible and modular, the GMDR system is a versatile and future-proof solution for acquisition, recording, dissemination and replay of Flight Test Instrumentation data in ground station applications. With its high integration, incomparable range of supported video interfaces and full compatibility with the globally leading MDR products, the GMDR integrates seamlessly into existing test centre topologies.

With its intelligent data reduction through segmentation, pre-selection and filtering as well as the capability to freely disseminate subsets of data among several network destinations, the GMDR efficiently reduces the operator‘s workload when analyzing test results.

In addiiton to the MDR recording modules (Analogue Input Modules, Digital Input & Bus Interface Modules, Video Input Modules, Hybrid Interface Modules, and Storage Modules) special versions are also available with playback features.

Key Features

  • Flexible Modular Design:
    6 Mainframe variants accepting 2 to 12 data modules plus storage options.

    GMDR2/6: 1U Form Factor, 2/6 module slots.

    GMDR12: 2U Form Factor, 12 module slots.

  • Wide Range of Video Format:

  • Dual Drive Variants:
    Flexible usage of high-end MDR or highly cost-effective storage media.

  • Real-time Data Access:
    Live monitoring of recordings.

  • Universal: 
    Providing Record and Replay capabilities.

  • High Efficiency Wireless Power: 
    IRIG 106-17 Chapter 7 Support.

    Low EMI pollution and permanent health monitoring.


GMDR Ground-Based Modular Data Recorder

GMDR-12 Ground-Based Modular Data Recorder

GMDR Ground-Based Modular Data Recorder

GMDR-2 Ground-Based Modular Data Recorder

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